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What are the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner?
We have high-grade equipment that can get deep into your carpeting to remove dirt, build-up, dust, mites and other impurities that may have been building in your carpeting for years. This not only cleans the surface of the fibres that you can see to give it a newer look, it also cleans deep down underneath to remove allergens and mites.
How often should carpets be deep cleaned?
Can a wood floor be stripped indefinitely?
Why should I hire a tree lopper? What are the reasons I’d need one?
Nearly all trees could use a good trim every now and then. Not only can dead branches pose a hazard to your home and vehicles, but they can also be potentially deadly if they fall on a person.

Even branches that are not dead can be trimmed back to keep them away from utility lines and other potentially harmful areas. Finally, removing dead branches and limbs actually improves the health of the tree so it can continue growing back stronger. Due to the dangerous nature of the work, you should always hire a professional who has the right equipment and safety training to complete the job competently.
How often should timber floors be refinished?