Tree Lopping

For tree lopping services you can trust, talk to the skillful team at Pearce Property Services. One of the most important aspects of maintaining the safety of your property and the health of your trees is to ensure that any nearby trees are maintained correctly.

We provide a full scope of tree lopping services to keep limbs and troublesome branches trimmed back and safely away from homes and vehicles.

Whether you want us to cut away dead limbs to prevent them from falling and causing damage, you want to thin out the canopy or you want to improve the shape of your trees, we can provide you with superior services.
Tree Lopping — Property Services in Darwin in Nightcliff, NT
If you’ve had a tree or large shrub removed, the next important step you can take is to have the tree stump ground. This ensures you won’t trip or fall over the remaining stump and it will also prevent the tree from regenerating and growing back.

We use heavy duty machinery to grind down your stumps and the mulch that is created can either be used around your garden or we can remove it for you. Our team consists of trained professionals and we have the latest equipment to grind stumps of all sizes.